With a strong weather resistant GRP outer skin, for that beautiful authentic wooden door look, together with a polyurethane inner core offering greater thermal efficiencies, we believe that we have produced the perfect maintenance free door and you'll be helping the environment too!
The Reliance locking system with anti-bump cylinder offers a 6 point locking system withthese features: Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Snap, Anti-Drill. All of our doors are available in a selection of warm, attractive colours and are offered with a selection of glass designs to fully complement your choice. Secure, longer lasting, easily maintainable, Reliance composite doors are a pleasure to come home to. All Reliance doors are available with a wide range of furniture and fittings. Handles, doors numbers, knockers, letterboxes and hinges.Timeless elegance with performance and security

Reliance's Composite door collection has all the charm of period hardwood doors but with none of the disadvantages like painting or warping.
The Composite doors collection offers cutting edge technology, high security and long life coupled with virtually no maintenance. The robust door panels are made of high impact glass reinforced polyester (GRP), an extremely hardwearing material, and the inner core comprises high density polyurethane foam.Composite doors can open inwards or outwards, be hung to the left or the right and can be selected from an impressive range of colours, styles and door furniture.The Cottage Doors expand the range offered by Reliance's Composite door collection which all include cutting-edge technology, high security and long life coupled with very low maintenance. They are also a very secure looking alternative for back doors.