Reliance Home can supply kitchens to your homes and have over 40 inspirational designs to choose from designed to meet the needs of modern living. Reliance kitchens are available in traditional, classic and contemporary styles. Our CAD design experts will also plan your kitchen with you.

Kitchens have traditionally been separate rooms for the storage, preparation and cooking of food. As the UK's housing and lifestyles have changed kitchens have become an increasingly important space for our homes and busy family lives.

In order to create a well organised, functional kitchen, it is crucial to plan and take into consideration the different areas that will feature within your design and how you will use them.

We offer a free planning and design service and will work with you and your builder to design the perfect kitchen. Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) planners can use their expertise to help you create the best kitchen design within the space you have, your budget and your needs.