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Barge Boards

Cladding and bargeboards were traditionally made of timber, which rots all too quickly if it’s not regularly maintained. Damp can then get into the roof space and cause a host of other problems. With Reliancehome uPVC cladding and bargeboards you get a smart, low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for your home.
Our expert installation includes removing all old materials before fixing your new cladding and bargeboard. Other installers may simply fix the new cladding and bargeboard over the top of old boards but this can cause damp in the long term.
We take extra care to remove rotten roofing felt edges, and where necessary re-cement the gable ends and edges to stop water penetration.
A ventilation facility is fitted to allow timber to breathe and prevent damp.
Easy to maintain uPVC is wipe clean, will never rot and your cladding and bargeboards will never need repainting. All our roofline products are fully guaranteed for 10 years.
The choice of colours includes bright white, black, mahogany and light oak. All finished installations will never discolour, crack, flake or warp.